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To Seat and How to Seat, That Is the Question.

One of the most daunting tasks for a party host, event organizer or bride-to-be is how to handle guest seating. While no easy task to find the perfect balance of fun family and friends at a table, being thoughtful about who sits with whom helps to make the night a great time for all (beware the lure of “open seating”). Not only is it important to think about who is at each table and where each table is placed (older folks not too close to the band, for example), but also how you will let your guests know where they are seated.

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One of the things I love most about the fall season are the earthy vegetables like a perfect radish or squash and the deep ruby red of a pomegranate. Using the bounty of the season, not only to fuel your guests, but as this crafty bride did, to organize your escort table, really embraces all that fall has to offer.

For a summer party or wedding why not keep guests hydrated and happy while letting them know where to rest their glass with this fun idea.

With a big crowd its sometimes fun for everyone to know where others are seated so make it big and make it beautiful.

Now, where to seat great auntie Gertie…


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