The Party Is Over. Or Is It?

A good party host spends quite a bit of time thinking about guest arrival. Who will greet the guests? What will the lighting be like? What type of music will be playing? And of course, a good host wants to make sure there is plenty of food and drink for all. All this helps to ensure a warm welcome to each guest. Certainly a seasonal sip like this says “hello!”


Soon enough though things get rolling and everyone is enjoying fabulous company, food, music and the party has a life of its own! Eventually though the time has come for it all to end. The band has played their last note and shoes need to be collected from around the dance floor. Just because our dear friends and guests are leaving doesn’t mean turning them out into the night!

At a party I hosted with my husband, our guests began to depart after kissing, hugging and a fruitless search for a lone, lost shoe. As folks made their way down the path and out to their cars they were surprised to find a small table, and smiling wait staff at the ready.

It seemed unfair to welcome guests with mood setting cocktails and irresistible nibbles and then say good night without an extra thought. So how to send them home after tearing it up on the dance floor? With the same thoughtfulness with which they were greeted. Mini waters, to-go ice-coffees, creamsicle “shots” and mini-donuts of my husband’s favorite flavors.

Thanks for coming and sleep well!