Wedding Personal Touches

Weddings are events. Very, very special events. They are not, however, meant to be a marathon of excess. The continued explosion of the wedding business has helped many a bride go from a few singularly unique elements to full scale productions that shift the spotlight from the real purpose of the day – a celebration of love and the beginning of a shared life. Having some standout moments at a wedding is a wonderful thing but sometimes more is just, well, more.

Here are some recent special wedding moments I love:

From bride Sadie who shared her day with the women in her life in a unique way: “The bracelets meant so much to me. Each piece of jewelry resembled the woman who allowed me to borrow it. For instance, my little sister chose a green bracelet with turtles to represent her young and quirky nature. My older sister let me borrow the watch her husband gave her on the day of her wedding just a year earlier than mine. I could look at my wrist and see each woman in my life. It became an impromptu ceremony as they took turns placing their bracelets on my wrists, one by one. This was one of my favorite moments of the day.”

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Bride Meg wanted to be sure her mom and mother-in-law to be were recognized in some way at her small wedding.  Even though the moms did not wish for flowers we provided the florist with two small linen hankerkchiefs embroidered with Meg’s wedding date and the initial of each mom. These were then used to wrap the stems of some lovely blossoms. Suddenly carrying some flowers became much more special.

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Recently a lovely couple was married by the gentleman who introduced them. It was a small and intimate affair, followed by a larger celebration.  As guests arrived they were given a sealed envelope and told not to open it until told to do so. As the ceremony drew to a close the guests were asked to open their envelopes and, as a group, read a short sentiment expressing the love and hopes for the couple from their community of loved ones. They were “pronounced” by their family and friends. Magical.

The moral of the story is simple. A wedding is about the meaning of the day, not the production values of the moment.

Happy planning!

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