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Wedding Personal Touches

How to make your wedding day special by keeping your thoughts on the real purpose of the day.
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Summer Entertaining/Two Words/Paella Party

Last summer I was getting ready for my daughter to head off to…
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50 Fits!

If you have read my website you know that I really believe the…
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Daily Thanksgiving

The table is set with dark brown suede, cabbages, pumpkins, acorns,…
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August Things

August, here for now but gone so soon. This summer has brought…

The Rapture of Summer Rhubarb

Take inspiration for food, drink and decor with some of the summer's most colorful bounty - rhubarb!
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The 3 Ws…Wedding – Weather – Worries

As the northeast region prepares for a storm of “epic” proportion…
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Presents’ Presence

Tokens of caring and affection can take a variety of forms and while no one should suggest that anyone purchase the most grand of gifts, it is always meaningful to extend a level care beyond the purchase on onto the wrapping.
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To Seat and How to Seat, That Is the Question.

One of the most daunting tasks for a party host, event organizer or bride-to-be is how to handle guest seating. While no easy task to find the perfect balance of fun family and friends at a table, being thoughtful about who sits with whom helps to make the night a great time for all (beware the lure of “open seating”).
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The Party Is Over. Or Is It?

Most party hosts spend quite a bit of time thinking about guest arrival – what will the lighting be like, what type of music will be playing and making sure there is plenty of food and drink. All this helps to ensure a warm welcome to each guest. Of course a fabulous passed cocktail or station of drinks set and ready for pick up says welcome – like these.
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Finding My Own Pearl

In my case I was sure the iconic image I was looking for might show up after enough time searching the web. I mean can't you just research images that mean "Wedding planner? Event planner?" Surely there’s something iconic out there. Little did I know the journey I was about to embark on.