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August Things

August, here for now but gone so soon. This summer has brought great fun and I share some of the highlights so that you too might fill the waning summer days with some special memories.

Farm To Table is nice. Digging For Dinner may be better. If you live on or near the water, or if you have a friend who does – go dig for clams! A good clam shack is a must for summer, and sure doing your own digging is a bit messy, but the process of  bare hands or a small hand rake in the sand looking for those little guys is incredibly satisfying, not to mention the beauty of the surroundings. One of the really nice things about digging with a group of friends is that within an hour you will have enough clams to feed a crew (think roasted clams, pancetta and tomatoes over linguini). Working together and breaking bread together remains a special experience and it proves that a party doesn’t have to mean “fancy”.

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A one pot meal isn’t just for winter.  Perhaps influenced by my daughter’s upcoming semester in Spain, I developed a serious interest in paella this summer. Some research on it  left me slightly apprehensive but my advice to you? Start with an inexpensive paella pan (not the $530 version) and get busy with this straightforward recipe for seafood paella.  Cooked in the pan on the grill this could not have been a more simple and delicious summer stunner.  This served a group of neighbors one Sunday night (with some enhancements to the seafood category) and was enjoyed outdoors with a simple salad and flan. Ole!

lynn dale events

1803.  To be more specific,  the 1803 Winsor House in Duxbury, Massaachusetts. Under the new ownership of well known caterer Holly Safford (The Catered Affair) and her husband Chuck Weilbrenner, and sons Andrew and Alex Marconi, this historic English-style pub in charming Snug Harbor has become a “must visit”. A fine dining side has a seafood heavy menu along with duck, chicken and beef while the pub side runs from a hearty burger to native mussels and a fabulous charcuterie plate. The small private dining room in the front of the inn is an ideal place for a group of 12-14.

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Known in the culinary world as a group with a passion for excellence the new Winsor House family is delivering in Duxbury.

Time to think fall….(almost!)

lynn dale events